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A great Support Server for your bot!

This server, which contains many channels and categories, is for you! Have Fun.. #support , #faq and more..

4462 Uses
Coding Learning

Dev Based Server

Full level roles, staff roles, vip roles, self assignable roles, permission configured.

2010 Uses

Developer's Community

If you want to create a Developer community, the Template that will take you forward is the "Developer Community". Nice!

1268 Uses
Coding Learning

Server Verification Template

This is the basic server setup for learning permissions. Permissions are optimised and correct by default.

967 Uses
Support Coding

Template Cove

This is a copy of the Template Cove server! You like the design? You can use it!

951 Uses
Support Coding

Developers Server

Best Bots to use with this template are: * Carl-Bot (carl.gg) * Nyx (nyxbot.xyz) * Shiro (shiro.gg)

855 Uses
Gaming Coding

Community city

Community based server formed like a city. required Bots: arcane, serverstats other bots: copper, 3 music bots

521 Uses
Community Coding


You can chat with people :)

483 Uses
Coding Friends

Km offical

Gaming tamlate

443 Uses
Gaming Coding



337 Uses
Community Coding

Development server

This is a template for servers dedicated to coding and software development.

337 Uses
Community Coding

Tech server

A community oriented server for people in the world of technology!

331 Uses
Community Coding
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