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Coding Template

This template is for coders and much more, and it's a community too!

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Greek shop Server

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Coding Community

Service Team

A Minecraft service team template, to help you set up your freelance service team!

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Gaming Coding

Software Development- Agile

This is a server I made to use for a small group of developers for a full industry run with sprints from 0

301 Uses
Coding Gaming

Coding Themed Template

Free To Use Template | For full setup: https://www.fiverr.com/s/jX2EWV

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Coding Learning

Yori Playz Gaming official server

New Channels

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Gaming Coding


Buying Stuff

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Coding Community

Lord levi official - Developers server

The best developers server

193 Uses

Developer Community

Can test their bots.

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Coding Learning


No description available.

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Support Coding

JuuNel Template for @everyone - V. 1.0

Staff roles & channels. VIPs and many channels. Clean style.

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Gaming Coding


The simple way to extend your Discord profile.

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Coding Friends