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Camp Bells Soup

Eat soup.

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Community / Streamer / Community Server

🔥 This discord server template is made for community, streamers and youtubers 🔥 • 🏆 With reward roles (optional) 🏆

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gaming Template

HUGE UPDATE 2: - added more channels - fixed MASSIVE bugs - added verification - Improved moderation & perms - MORE!

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Gaming Community

Simple Server Template

Please read the channel topic of #read-channel-topic. Support server: https://srnyx.xyz/discord

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Community Gaming

Advanced Support Server

An advanced, yet fully completed, and feature-rich support server. Made by https://discord.gg/DhDxz9E

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Support Community

Advanced Private Server

An advanced, yet fully completed, and feature-rich private server. Made with heart by https://discord.gg/DhDxz9E

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Esse modelo é apenas uma base para o seu servidor, faça as alterações conforme suas necessidades.

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Gaming Server

This server is good if you want a gaming server to use for your community, club or friends!

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Gaming Community Friends

This is a server where you can chill out with friends and/or your community. Enjoy! by Stayz

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Community Gaming

Community Server Advanced (serveur franç...

⚠🇫🇷 French server / serveur français 🇫🇷⚠ Meilleur serveur pour la communauté 😜 #read-the-desc Pls upvote <3

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Community Gaming

cottage core / bloom core・kia#6329

a cute and aesthetic cottage core or bloom core template made by kia#6329 ,, pls don't remove credits ty! (/≧▽≦)/

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🎀 soft theme Fallen Jaden#2020

a pink and soft themed server with cute roles <3 credit is appreciated

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Chevron up