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Police Department

This is the official area for the police department command to work with there officers and lower ranking members.

8585 Uses
Roleplay Learning

A great Support Server for your bot!

This server, which contains many channels and categories, is for you! Have Fun.. #support , #faq and more..

5770 Uses
Coding Learning

Gaming/Music/Recreation/school (BOTS/BOT...

No description available.

2549 Uses
Learning Friends

Developer's Community

If you want to create a Developer community, the Template that will take you forward is the "Developer Community". Nice!

1933 Uses
Coding Learning

Valorant Community - Template

Ready made template for a Valorant Community , #rules - #valorant - #welcome - and more..

1877 Uses
Gaming Learning

School Classroom

As our learning environments evolve, the way teachers reach students need to evolve as well.

1747 Uses
Support Learning

CoC Clan Server

No description available.

1291 Uses
Gaming Learning

School Theme

The ៸៸ in channels and roles means what is the purpose. Ex. Head Master = Owner.

1221 Uses
Community Learning


backup yes

759 Uses
Art Learning

Online Class

Chat, grade up roles

742 Uses

TET Template

Education Server Template.

280 Uses
Community Learning

Epic Team

No description available.

273 Uses
Music Learning
Chevron up