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TET Template

Education Server Template.

357 Uses
Community Learning

Epic Team

No description available.

298 Uses
Music Learning


This template is for servers who discuss historical topics.

162 Uses
Community Learning

Developer Community

Can test their bots.

127 Uses
Coding Learning

Homeschooling school server

During the coronavirus and homeschooling, this template can be helpful for schools.

117 Uses
Learning Roleplay

Wumpus's Class Template

If you are already looking for a great Template, this is for you!

101 Uses
Learning Community



93 Uses

Business, Agency, Networking, Consultati...

You now have a business server with multiple business models!

93 Uses
Community Learning


It's a communication tool for the members and the leaders for a close relationship. som relextion for everybody!

66 Uses
Community Learning

Simple Study/Tutor Group!

A study group with a variety of channels and roles!

55 Uses
Friends Learning



47 Uses
Friends Learning

Gaming and Learning Community

This server is for sharing information and gaining knowledge while also being a gamer. learn and play

36 Uses
Learning Gaming
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