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Police Department

This is the official area for the police department command to work with there officers and lower ranking members.

9381 Uses
Roleplay Learning

нуρнєя's Template: Fantasy Animal Rolepl...

This roleplay server is based on animals, But in fantasy form, All aspects are customizable,

8276 Uses

Roleplaying server

This server pertains to roleplaying and half community chats. Create a new roleplaying universe using this template now!

5939 Uses
Community Roleplay

Gta V Roleplay Banda

Plantilla gta v roleplay para banda en español.

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3923 Uses


Suitable for big communities :)

3840 Uses
Roleplay Economy

Folium's Roleplay Discord Template

This Template is for Text-Based RP Discord Servers. It is designed with ease of customization in mind. Made by Folium.

3241 Uses
Community Roleplay

Server that based by pirate/ship theme

pirate/ship theme based server with leveled roles, and gaming room

2959 Uses
Roleplay Friends


Roleplay,Scp games,Gaming community, ETC anything really :)

1846 Uses
Gaming Roleplay

Fivem 2

No description available.

1528 Uses

Roleplay Server

This is best for a small group of friends with a roleplay with a plot. Have fun!

1383 Uses
Roleplay Friends

GTA5 Interview Server (DM Pototic#0001 f...

This template can be used by anyone and is 100% safe from any type of raid such as pinging everyone and much more.

1186 Uses
Roleplay Gaming
Chevron up