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The Basement

A server made fully for release, a community oriented server with organized staff roles and a unique design

437 Uses
Support Meme

Twitch Streaming

gaming, Stream. twitch promo, setups and etc

394 Uses
Gaming Support

Türkçe Discord Şablonu

No description available.

386 Uses
Support Coding


People can use my Template to have support server for their bot.

359 Uses

Staff Server

This is a staff server!

316 Uses
Support Friends

Dank memer / Giveaways / Community

The best dank memer community server you can find!

258 Uses
Community Support

▹🍓  ➜ . mnml aes temp  ෆ /decor

❁ . ᶻz . no need 4 cred , but pls dont claim as yours ! tq ଘ੭ˊᵕˋ੭ . . . also , if emojis arent red change them <3

237 Uses
Art Support

Discord Templates

This is the server template for the official Discord Templates support server.

214 Uses
Community Support

SneakyHub's - Hosting Company

This is a dedicated discord template to server hosting / hosting companies. Amazing template premade for you!

184 Uses
Community Support

Template - Support GER/DE

Template - Support GER/DE

183 Uses
Support Economy

Bot Support

Great for small Bots that need a support server

167 Uses

Community Server Basic (French server)

⚠🇫🇷 French server / serveur français 🇫🇷⚠ Un serveur servant de base pout tout serveur communautaire qui se respecte.

167 Uses
Community Support
Chevron up