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Chill Server

This is a template that can be used for people just looking for a underwhelming server. It has some roles. :)

2035 Uses
Community Friends

Halloween Theme

Out of season, but whaterver.

1914 Uses
Community Friends


You can chat with people :)

1903 Uses
Coding Friends

stw trading server

trading server for fortnite save the world!

1730 Uses
Gaming Friends

Nature Theme Server

As the title says, its a nature themed server. Please keep the role about me wanting credit.

1708 Uses
Community Friends

server model kawaii

No description available.

1651 Uses
Community Friends

soft aesthetic

this is a small white aesthetic server! please dont remove credits.

1611 Uses
Community Friends

Roleplay Server

This is best for a small group of friends with a roleplay with a plot. Have fun!

1504 Uses
Roleplay Friends



1458 Uses
Community Friends


friend hangout!

1367 Uses
Friends Gaming

community: messy layout purple/black

A black, purple community server with a black n purple color scheme! many roles

1184 Uses
Community Friends

🎅Christmas Template

Server designed with the season in mind! Use this for themed servers! Last updated - 12/17/20

1081 Uses
Community Friends
Chevron up