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Aesthetic Nature themed temp

Aesthetic Nature themed template, Please keep credits. ty! <3

203 Uses
Community Art

multipurpose community / red themed

roles, safespace, community, mental health, etc.

156 Uses
Community Art

Chat Server

You can Chat, add some ReactionRoles but mostly its all you need

144 Uses
Support Art

Pink Aesthetic Community Template . 🌺 β­”...

Pink server template, mainly based around roles. Channels + Roles included, promos - staff - voice chat - events

97 Uses
Community Art

β–ΉπŸ“γ€€γ€€βžœ . mnml aes tempγ€€ ΰ·†γ€€/decor

❁ . αΆ»z . no need 4 cred , but pls dont claim as yours ! tq ΰ¬˜ΰ©­ΛŠα΅•Λ‹ΰ©­ . . . also , if emojis arent red change them <3

83 Uses
Art Support

Soft Core Template! ver. 2 of Cottage Co...

Relax, free to use

78 Uses
Art Gaming

NFT project


76 Uses
Community Art

Gothic server template

Not really gothic, lazy template, less channels and no roles

66 Uses

Multi-Animator-Project Server Template

a discord server template for multi animator project (map) hosts

65 Uses
Art Community

Fall Theme Server . πŸ‚ β­” Creds; Rhii

An Autumn/Fall Theme server, roles + channels included

64 Uses
Community Art

Cottage Core Template

Calming and free to use! <3

52 Uses
Art Gaming

Pink Aesthetic Artist Template . πŸŽ€ β­” Cr...

Pink Aesthetic Artist Template - Roles/Channels in

52 Uses
Community Art
Chevron up