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(LSPD) Los Santos Police Department

[ENG] Looking for a LSPD Discord template? Welp, i made one for you.

6494 Uses
Community Roleplay

(BCSO) Blaine County Sheriffs Office

[ENG] Looking for a BCSO Discord template? Well, here you go. Enjoy it.

3498 Uses
Community Roleplay

(SG) Street Gang

[ENG] Looking for a street gang discord template? Well why not enjoy this one.

3190 Uses
Community Roleplay

(FBI) Federal Bureau Of Investigation

(ENG) So, i was bored and decided to why not make a FBI Discord template for your RP servers - Enjoy.

3060 Uses
Community Roleplay

(Mafia) Organization

[ENG] Looking for a template for your Mafia group, enjoy and here you go.

2582 Uses
Community Roleplay

(SAST) San Andreas State Troopers

[ENG] Looking for a State Trooper Discord Template? Welp, another coming at you. Enjoy it.

2310 Uses
Community Roleplay

(MC) Motorcycle Club

[ENG] Looking for an MC Club template for your FiveM server or other? Here you go and enjoy.

1267 Uses
Community Roleplay

(DOJ&G) Department Of Justice & Governme...

(ENG) Sooo, i decided and after a vote i remade my DOJ Discord template... So here i present to you. Enjoy!

1170 Uses
Community Roleplay

(SADOT) San Andreas Department Of Transp...

(ENG) You been looking for a DOT template for a while? No worries, coming at you with one. Enjoy this for your fivem!

1108 Uses
Community Roleplay

(SC) Security Company

(ENG) Looking for a Security Company for whatever you need? Just in luck, here you go!

992 Uses
Community Roleplay

(DHS) Department of Homeland Security

(ENG) Whats this? A top Federal level Agents, the meanest of the meanest? Well here you go! Enjoy.

860 Uses
Community Roleplay

(CIA) Central Intelligence Agency

(ENG) Lets begin the investigations, and Intelligence of the operations! CIA is here. Lets start. Enjoy!

850 Uses
Community Roleplay

(SAFR) San Andreas Fire & Rescue

(ENG) Soo, finally decided to give my SAFR a second look, and now you can become a new type of FF with a new look! Enjoy

842 Uses
Community Roleplay

(SAEMS) San Andreas Emergency Medical Se...

[ENG] Ever wanted to save lives in FiveM? Well now you can with my remastered SAEMS Template! Enjoy your duty medic!

784 Uses
Community Roleplay

(USMS) United State Marshals Services

(ENG) So, i was bored again - Now i made a United States Marshal Discord Template for your rp server - Enjoy.

773 Uses
Community Roleplay

(FCSV2) FiveM Community Server V2

(ENG) Took me a while to create this second release. But enjoy it for your community! Enjoy. Hope your community grows!

761 Uses
Community Roleplay

(LSC) Los Santos Customs

(ENG) Looking for a Los Santos Customs discord template for your fivem server? Well, here you go! Enjoy.

555 Uses
Community Roleplay

(VU) Vanilla Unicorn

[ENG] Looking for a template for Vanilla Unicorn for FiveM, look no further! Enjoy

550 Uses
Community Roleplay

(SASPR) San Andreas State Park Rangers

(ENG) Looking for a Park Rangers Discord Template for your FiveM? Here you go, hope u enjoy it.

476 Uses
Community Roleplay

(SACD) San Andreas Civilian Department

(ENG) For you all who has a Civilian CoC, here you go! Enjoy.

454 Uses
Community Roleplay

(BS) Burger Shot

(ENG) Time for burger shot for your FiveM or Gta 4 server? Lets go burger eating!

419 Uses
Community Roleplay

(UwUC) UwU Cafe

[ENG] Here you go, an UwU Cafe Discord Template for your FiveM Server. Enjoy.

414 Uses
Community Roleplay

(N) Nightclub

(ENG) Looking for a nightclub for your rp servers? I was bored during my morning, so i made you one. Enjoy.

398 Uses
Community Roleplay

(FSS) FiveM Store Shop

[ENG] Ever wanted to do your own stuff for FiveM or maybe RedM? Well, here you go. I give you a store shop

381 Uses
Roleplay Community

(SACD) San Andreas Communications Depart...

(ENG) So, made you a 911 Operator Department for your FiveM, enjoy.

294 Uses
Community Roleplay

(PDM) Premium Deluxe Motorsport

(ENG) Welp, finally made a PDM for your FiveM server, just about time for you who run PDM. Enjoy!

265 Uses
Community Roleplay

(DEA) Drug Enforcement Administration

(ENG) Back at it again, coming at you, Federal Of DEA. Lets gooooo, get these drugs and dealers off the streets! Enjoy!

246 Uses
Community Roleplay

(DP) Dansk Politi

(DK) Leder du efter en politiskabelon til din server? Nå, nyd det.

228 Uses
Community Roleplay

(BBE) Bail Bonds Enforcement

(ENG) The court needs you to catch a fugitive! He missed his court date. Go and get them Bounty Hunter! Enjoy it.

211 Uses
Community Roleplay

(SAES) San Andreas Emergency Services

(ENG) Tired of having different discords for various LEO or EMS, or even Fire? Well i made you a combined ES. Enjoy!

197 Uses
Community Roleplay

(DnD) Dungeons Nd Dragons

(ENG) So, i was bored and also planned a DnD Template... First template of 2024. Enjoy your campaign for your DnD :)

131 Uses
Friends Roleplay

(SASFM) San Andreas State Fire Marshals

[ENG] Looking for a Fire Marshal Discord template? Well here you go. Another discord coming at u.

125 Uses
Community Roleplay

(DS) Dansk Sundhed / EMS

(DK) Leder du efter en EMS-skabelon til din server? Nå, nyd det.

97 Uses
Community Roleplay

(SADOC) San Andreas Department Of Correc...

[ENG] A remastered SADOC coming your way! Enjoy your way to keeping those prisoners in check and let them pay their debt

87 Uses
Community Roleplay

(CS) Content Server

[ENG] So, looking for an content server? Here you go, enjoy!

56 Uses
Gaming Community