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orange decor server, messy layout w role...

Orange white themed decor template, read channel desc! Enjoy (:

1355 Uses
Community Art

community: messy layout purple/black

A black, purple community server with a black n purple color scheme! many roles

913 Uses
Community Friends

community: simple layout- strawberry aes

a strawberry themed community server w many roles

506 Uses
Community Friends

galaxy themed w roles

a galaxy themed community server w many roles: messy layout

383 Uses
Community Friends

decor & trading srvr: beige, mnml w role...

a simple beige layout, includes trading and decor channels + roles

310 Uses
Community Friends

mental health dreamcore w roles

a mental health server (resources, diary, vent, confess …) messy layout - dreamcore aesthetic

139 Uses
Community Friends

art server w trading category cutesy

a pinkish white art & trading server, messy layout w roles

120 Uses
Art Community

gaming: yellow,blue messy layout

a gaming server with a yellow,blue color scheme & messy layout. many roles

114 Uses
Gaming Community

minecraft/gaming: cottagecore w roles

cottagecore themed minecraft/gaming server w red/green shades of roles

63 Uses
Gaming Community
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