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Black & white server tmp ♡

Has many roles and a venting category, and a chnnl to add hotlinez

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Dark academia ☆

I tried getting the aes right :) has venting and self promo ♡

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Cat + moon themed server

my apologies for the last one I had no ideas T.T has vent, art, gaming chnnls ♡

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Indie / kidcore server theme

I tried to get the aes correct! Has vent chnnls (other sect).>> I may take a break from these for person reasons

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rblx pink aes theme

!!No venting channels or roles!! This one is old and I have no ideas rn so sorry :'))

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Rainbow theme!

(I love rainbows so much omg) I tried following the rainbow but emojis are limited T.T

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Cottagecore / cutecore-ish server

I didn't know what aes to put TT another apology for not making to good of servers

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Cafe-ish server

~ does not have verif or venting chnnls

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Japanese themed server tmp

(I do not speak Japanese so not everything is translated, if this is offensive please comment) Does have vent channels

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Yellow theme!

Just a nice yellow colored server 💛 Has venting chnnls

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Minimal plant theme

Just a small plant server! Has venting chnnls

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Sleep theme server <3

Minimal server!!! another sorry for not having to much motivate to make these sometimes T.T

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! ` Decorative server temp

- Includes roles + venting channels and decor

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🔥 red template

No verification channel, comes with extra txt roles

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Lounge Theme!

Small lounge themed server, I haven't done one in a while!!

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Space theme!

I haven't made a server in a while so this was fun :)

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