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Community Template (Emoji style)

Template made with style in mind! Make your server stand out with this emoji filled server! Updated - 9/1/2020

2799 Uses
Community Friends

Template Cove

This is a copy of the Template Cove server! You like the design? You can use it!

1079 Uses
Support Coding

School Classroom

As our learning environments evolve, the way teachers reach students need to evolve as well.

1067 Uses
Support Learning

Giveaway Server

Giveaway server

682 Uses
Community Friends

Among Us Server

A server made for among us players!

637 Uses
Gaming Community

🎅Christmas Template

Server designed with the season in mind! Use this for themed servers! Last updated - 12/17/20

596 Uses
Community Friends

Bot Support Server

Server made for anyone making a discord bot and need a server to support the users!

587 Uses
Support Community

General server start template

This template is setup to help you start your discord server! This includes a channel that tells you the best bots!

428 Uses
Community Gaming

Tech server

A community oriented server for people in the world of technology!

393 Uses
Community Coding

The Basement

A server made fully for release, a community oriented server with organized staff roles and a unique design

265 Uses
Support Meme
Chevron up