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Community Template (Emoji style)

Template made with style in mind! Make your server stand out with this emoji filled server! Updated - 3/9/23

10627 Uses
Community Friends

Gaming Template

A server created with gaming in mind, can be used as a little hub with your friends or made a public!

3883 Uses
Gaming Community

School Classroom

As our learning environments evolve, the way teachers reach students need to evolve as well.

2628 Uses
Support Learning

Template Cove

This is a copy of the Template Cove server! You like the design? You can use it!

2069 Uses
Support Coding

Bot Support Server

Server made for anyone making a discord bot and need a server to support the users!

2025 Uses
Support Community

🎅Christmas Template

Server designed with the season in mind! Use this for themed servers! Last updated - 12/17/20

1700 Uses
Community Friends

Tech server

A community oriented server for people in the world of technology!

1533 Uses
Community Coding

Giveaway Server

Giveaway server

1223 Uses
Community Friends

Among Us Server

A server made for among us players!

1005 Uses
Gaming Community

General server start template

This template is setup to help you start your discord server! This includes a channel that tells you the best bots!

907 Uses
Community Gaming

The Basement

A server made fully for release, a community oriented server with organized staff roles and a unique design

537 Uses
Support Meme